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improvement around health, money and people


This is what I'm up to right now.
Last updated 29th October 2022
Steady income
• working in practice as a chiropractor in Geelong
creating• Exploring my creativity drawn to talking head videos and writing
• Helping my wife launch her first online course at
• starting a newsletter about my learning of Health, money and people


Work life balance assumes you don't want to be at work. That you need to offset 'living' with 'earning'.But you deserve to enjoy work and harmonize it with everyday life.I will help you explore the aspects of your life that harmonious, Health, money, and relationships. By showing you how family, fun, passion and, earning a crust, all fit in one circle. Not on seperate sides of a scale.I have 2 kids. With my wife Jaya. Who works in the same building as me. We both have seperate businesses. And run a house, family and chase passions together.We are very happy. But our goal is fulfillment.


Please get in touch.Happy to discuss anything that you feel I can assist with.